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In every interaction with us, we want our clients to feel we understand the nuances of their personal universe. Our client perceives us as intuitively connected to their everyday needs and those important moments.

We are forward thinking, anticipating, before our clients do, their transition from managing their needs of today, to managing their needs for the future.

For this reason, our clients refer to us as their life manager.

Stanley Morrinson
Managing Partner

We add value by understanding these results, when you want them and how you want to get there. We’ll then aim to grow your investments in a simple, effective and tax-efficient way to help achieve those goals, whilst also accounting for tax-efficiency for when you would like to use these funds.

The value of an investment with St. James's Place will be directly linked to the performance of the funds you select and the value can therefore go down as well as up. You may get back less than you invested.



Providing solutions to meet your insurance and pension needs.

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Specialists dedicated to your financial objectives.

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Develop your careers and realise your aspirations.

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A team of specialists, dedicated to your financial objectives.

Numbering over 100 specialists across all aspects of financial planning, your personal financial advisor is backed up at all times by Morrinson Wealth’s support team.

Every technical, legal and regulatory aspect of your financial strategy is scrutinised to ensure best practice and the timely completion of all transactions and requirements. Whenever highly specialised expertise is required, in the unlikely event that your personal financial adviser is unable provide it, we have the people in-house who can. Cooperation, teamwork and collaboration - a partnership with Morrinson Wealth is a partnership for life.

Why Morrinson Wealth?

With a retention rate of 98%*, it’s clear that clients value our uniquely personal approach to wealth management and financial advice. Numbering some 3,000 clients and counting, our client network has grown largely through word of mouth and recommendation.

* for the period between 2015 -2020

Your financial coach

We know that the peace of mind of having a single, trusted point of contact is important to you. The Morrinson Wealth ethos is that your financial adviser should be your eyes and ears in all matters financial... proactive, fully informed and entrusted to help manage your wealth - leaving you free to concentrate on what you do best, knowing there is someone looking after the best interests of you and your family in the background.

Flexibility of a small firm with the scale and reach of a large organisation

Our choice to be a Partner Practice of St. James’s Place brings agility and expertise, allowing us to deliver truly insightful, intelligent financial guidance. With over £115bn of funds under management, St. James’s Place is widely regarded as an exemplar of financial good practice. Their Investment Committee’s rigorous, hands-on supervision ensures that only the strongest performing of funds and investment managers remain.

Understanding your journey and the hard work you’ve put in

We know what it’s like to work your way up, and how important it is to look after the money you’ve earned along the way. We apply this care and understanding to everything we do for our clients. That includes hiring our advisers for their potential, irrespective of their backgrounds.

So whatever your level of financial know-how, you can trust we’ll be on your side and speaking your language.

The value of an investment with St. James's Place will be directly linked to the performance of the funds you select and the value can therefore go down as well as up. You may get back less than you invested.

Morrinson Wealth
  • "The advice I receive from Morrinson Wealth is always clear, relevant and consistent, helping me to understand how I can adapt in line with my career development and the ever-changing market environment."

    MD and Partner, Accenture
  • "Morrinson Wealth has done an excellent job listening to my requirements, proposing efficient and personalised investment strategies. Regular visits and pro-active management have been appreciated, particularly in recent times given the uncertainty introduced by the Brexit."

    Senior Director, Product Management & Technology Marketing at Imagination Technologies
  • "We worked together to maximise my wealth to benefit my family and I. I am impressed with their responsiveness and regular contact, which ensures that I do not miss out on opportunities relevant to my circumstances."

    Partner, Deloitte
  • "The Morrinson Wealth team help to clarify options and allow me to confidently navigate a complex environment. Providing a tailored service based on your personal financial objectives. Exactly what you need from a wealth management partner."

  • "Getting the best out of your money is often a daunting test to approach, especially when balancing work and life priorities. The Morrinson Wealth team have really helped me to define a strategy with clear actions."

    Product Strategy Leader, EMEA at Oracle
  • "Morrinson Wealth listened to me, understood my needs, challenged my preconceptions and biases appropriately and guided me to actions which have increased my long term wealth and positioned me for financial security."

    MD, Accenture
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